Bagpipe Tune Lesson, Sheet Music and Video "Brown Haired Maiden"

Jul 17, 2023

If you're a beginner bagpiper looking to expand your repertoire, the 2/4 march Brown Haired Maiden is an excellent choice. This traditional march has a great melody and also offers great opportunities for practicing D throws. In this blog post, we'll guide you through learning this tune and we'll provide you with sheet music, a video tutorial, and helpful tips along the way. So grab your practice chanter and get ready to learn Brown Haired Maiden on the bagpipes.

Learn Brown Haired Maiden on the Bagpipes?

As a beginner, it's crucial to start with tunes that are approachable and offer a good foundation for learning.Brown Haired Maiden fits the bill perfectly. It has a very simple melody making it easy for the beginner bagpiper. By learning this tune, you'll build your confidence and set a solid groundwork for more complex tunes in the future. Try The Highland Bagpipe Academy if you want to dive deeper into this tune.

Bagpipe Sheet Music for Brown Haired Maiden

To aid your learning process, we have provided sheet music for Brown Haired Maiden. The sheet music includes the melody, as well as the proper ornamentation. Familiarize yourself with the notation and ornaments, and use it as a reference while practicing the tune. Having the sheet music in front of you will help reinforce the melody and ornamentations as you progress. I also have a FREE ebook "50 Essential Bagpipe Tunes" that you can download HERE that includes this tune and many others.

Tips for Mastering Brown Haired Maiden on the Bagpipes

Focus on Playing Your D Throws Open

When playing Brown Haired Maiden, aim for keeping your throws nice and open. You should be able to hear each grace note individually. 

Practice Slowly and Gradually Increase Speed

As with any musical instrument, practicing slowly and gradually increasing the speed is crucial for developing accuracy and precision. Start by practicing the tune at a comfortable tempo, focusing on accuracy and clarity. Once you feel confident, gradually increase the speed while maintaining control and maintaining the integrity of the melody and ornamentations. 

FAQs about Brown Haired Maiden on the Bagpipes

Can I learn this tune as a beginner?

Absolutely! Brown Haired Maiden is an excellent choice for beginners. Its simple melody and repetitive structure make it accessible and approachable for those starting their bagpipe journey.

Where can I find more beginner bagpipe tunes?

There are several resources available online where you can find more bagpipe tunes for beginners. Try my FREE ebook here, it's full of great tunes for beginners.

What resources are available for learning the bagpipes online?

There is no better place to learn the bagpipes than The Highland Bagpipe Academy. Learn step by step all the embellishments and tunes needed to learn the bagpipes, plus so much more, including maintenace and tuning all from the comfort of your home.


Learning the bagpipe tune "Brown Haired Maiden" is an exciting tune for beginners. With its catchy melody and opportunities to practice a lot of D throws, this tune serves as an excellent foundation for building your skills. By following the sheet music, watching the video tutorial, and implementing the provided tips, you'll be well on your way to mastering "Brown Haired Maiden" on the bagpipes. So grab your practice chanter, embrace the joy of traditional Scottish music, and enjoy the journey of becoming a skilled piper!